Car Thief

What is the Ravelco?

The Ravelco anti-theft device is a removable 16-pin plug that is hardwired into your vehicle's electrical system. It consists of a female hard-wired base unit and a male plug that connects to your keychain. Removing the plug from the base unit effectively disables your vehicle's engine.

Each Ravelco system is professionally installed by connecting it to critical engine components such as the starter, fuel pump, ignition, or any of the various engine sensors. When the Ravelco plug is removed from the hardwired base, the vehicle cannot be started, and it will not run. There are over 100,000 possible wiring combinations and no master plugs.

Why is it so effective?

The Ravelco base unit is installed under the dash and the connected wires are protected within a steel casing. Under the hood, the wires are hidden among the vehicle's existing wiring system within the factory wiring harness. If a would-be thief gains access to the wiring, it is impossible to determine which wires are connected and where they lead since they are all the same color. Attempting to re-wire the system will likely result in a short-circuit and blow a fuse, rendering the vehicle immobile.

What does it include?

Lifetime Warranty

We are so confident in the quality of the Ravelco anti-theft device that we offer a Lifetime Warranty for the original owner. If the system wears out, we'll replace it for free. Additionally, if your car is subject to a theft attempt, we will come out and ensure your Ravelco is operating normally at no cost. If the unit is damaged during a theft attempt, we'll replace it for free the first time.